Sunday, 28 August 2011

FASHION: What I bought last weekend

(L-R PU Pencil Rib Side Skirt - Topshop - Black Burnout Crop Vest - Miss Selfridge - Navy Faux Fur Collar Wool Coat - Topshop - Black Crop Padded Biker - Miss Selfridge - Leopard Jaquard Sweat - Topshop - Magenta One Sleeve Dress - Miss Selfridge)

So after I spent a few months drooling over all the incoming A/W11 trends, my wonderful other half Mike decided to spend his last ever paycheck on - wait for it - me!! This is just a selection of things that I bought, but I was kinda running out of space and patience (Photoshop is a ballache!) 

I love love love the PU items - I've always wanted a leather biker, but was never sure I could pull it off.  But this beautiful cropped number proved me wrong! I would wear it every day if I wasn't scared of being labelled a tramp.  Same for the pencil skirt.. it's mega flattering and verrry sophisticated.  I wouldn't wear the two together obviously, as I am no hells angel...

The leopard sweater is so cosy and comfortable, and looks very good with a black tube skirt or even skinny jeans.  It's not the warmest of items, so if it gets cold this winter (and if last year was anything to go by I'm sure it will!) I will have to layer it up but .. worth it!

I'm having a lazy day indoors today, as it seems that Midlothian is trying to be like east coast USA (too soon?) and blow a hurricane! Still rocking the dressing gown at midday; that's how I like a Sunday to be!

Saturday, 27 August 2011

BEAUTY: Magnetic Nail Polish

Nail art has become a rapidly emerging trend in 2011, and MAGNETIC nail polish is the word on everyone's lips for A/W11.  I for one can't wait for it! Nails inc are releasing their magnetic-metallic range in September, retailing at £12 each.  I'm sure it won't be long until drugstore brands cotton on, a la Barry M with crackle polish.  In fact, LCN are already selling them, with star and diagonal striped magnetics, but I'm not such a big fan of the patterns...

How does it work? Well the lid of the polish has a magnet in it, so when you move it above your freshly-painted nails, the iron particles in the varnish move to create a unique pattern!  

There are three shades in the Nails inc range; Big Ben (gold), Trafalgar Square (chrome) and Houses of Parliament (blue).  
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