About Tali

I am a 25year old Sassenach (Brummie to be precise) living in the Scottish countryside.  I started this blog when I had just moved up north, as an outlet for all my fashion and beauty ramblings much to my partner's relief!  After some stops and starts I have really gotten into blogging and love to ramble talk about what I'm loving at the moment, and review products I have tried (and I have tried a LOT!). 

In my real life I work in genetics (yah really), although I am probably the ditziest scientist you will ever meet.  I love travelling and my friends, and my home with my fiancĂ© and my two pretty kitties.   I would probably label my style as a rocked-up high street look, with pretty pastels and lace combined with trawler boots and leather.  

Thanks for taking the time to look at my blog <3

Tali xxxx

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