Sunday, 29 January 2012

HAIR: My little pony

Aaagh! I was so happy with my hair in the colour+style it was - my red bob looked funky enough to satisfy my alternative-ism (new word) yet cute enough to not look too 'out there'.  I am 25 now after all! I shouldn't be dyeing my hair crazy colours anymore! Right? Right?!


I've had my eye on the pastel hue trend for a while now.  But I resisted the temptation, somehow.  I guess I thought maybe I'm *too old* for crazy hair.  Regardless of my motives, I managed to avoid running to the hairdressers with a My Little Pony in hand, shouting "I want its hair!!"

That all changed last night, when I saw this post and I started thinking.  I LOVE all kinds of *crazy* hair.  I used to have blonde, pink and brown hair in my youth (it looked AWESOME).  Then I went turquoise and blue and brown.  Then pink with white highlights.  I loved it! But then the real world hit, and I started having post-uni interviews etc and the cool hair simply had to go.

I contemplated the chalk (pros: looks amazing; cons: washes out straight away and dries your hair out) and dismissed it as it just wouldn't look right in my red hair, and wouldn't last long either.  I started thinking about my crazy dye days.  And started investigating.

And found all these:

(Images found on Google search and/or here)

I, quite simply, fell in love.  

So how am I going to go from being a vibrant-redhead to a pastel princess? It's going to take some time for sure!

1) Lots (but not too many!) protein treatments.  These not only will improve the condition of my hair and decrease porosity, but are also great at lifting dye a bit.  Not so good if you want to keep your dyed hair healthy and coloured, but great if you want to start over.  I love Ion Reconstructor Treatment (you can get sachets at Sally's for about £1!)

2) Keep my tresses healthy and conditioned for the inevitable ...

3) Bleach bath.  I'M GOING TO THE HAIRDRESSERS.  DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS AT HOME!! Unless you like orange hair that falls out and breaks.  I need to speak to my stylist and pray that she thinks this is feasible!!

4) Dye to a light ashy brown base.  Again, I'm doing this at a hairdressers.  Even if you're broke (my purse hasn't recovered from Xmas!) you have no excuse - go to your local stylists and book an appointment with the trainee.

5) Go pastel! I'm thinking pastel streaks a la picture number (1), with the cut in the style of piccie number (4) - choppy and with a full fringe.   And for the pastel colours? Lilac, pale pink and sky blue.  Hell yeah!

I've also found this magical little ingredient -

 (Fudge Paintbox - Whiter Shade of Pale)

This is basically a toner to neutralise golden tones in platinum hair.  It can also, however, be used to make pastel colours out of the normal Fudge Paintbox dyes which are normally mega vibrant.  

What do you guys think? Are you a fan of the pastel trend, and should I really go for this drastic change? I think I've already made up my mind though....!


Sunday, 22 January 2012

TATTOOS: Dreaming of Peacocks

Even though I am so shitbroke after christmas, I have found myself looking at tattoo ideas. I have wanted a peacock piece on my back since I was about 21, 4 years ago. Of course, in those 4 years either I or my partner has been a student, so unnecessary spending is out of the question.

I thought I would post some inspiring piccies of what I want anyway just for fun. They're for my benefit as much as anyone else's!

Have a lovely lazy Sunday :) xox

Saturday, 21 January 2012

REVIEW: Diorshow Mascara - Backstage Makeup

I had pretty much given up on me ever having fluttery lashes without bringing out the falsies.  Mascara has never been my friend - I've tried Badgal, MAC Zoomlash and countless drugstore mascaras, but never ever had any decent eyelashes.

I got a £25 Debenhams gift voucher for Xmas, and decided I was going to get a High End mascara with it, in a desparate last quest for pretty lashes.  I decided on Diorshow Blackout mascara, but the sales assistant gave me Diorshow original by mistake!  I didn't realise I had the wrong one for about a week, but after that time I was so in love with it I didn't care.

(Image courtesy of; Diorshow mascara £22)

This mascara, this little tiny tube, has performed miracles.  It has given eyelashes, making me feel much better about my looks and my makeup.  I will definitely repurchase again and again, purely because it has succeeded in giving me lashes; something I had given up on!!

Want the proof? Left eye (as you look at me) is Maybelline False Lash Effect.  As you can see it gives me pathetic lashes just like every other mascara as ever done.  Right eye is Diorshow mascara, the Miracle Worker ;)

 Excuse the lack of makeup elsewhere! I wanted to give an idea of what the mascara looks alone
 Maybelline False Lash Effect...
  And with my eyes closed.

My opinion? It's love!! And it looks soo much better in person than it does with a camera shoved in my face.. this seems to highlight all the imperfections (and makes my nose look huge, what's with that!!).  My one problem is that the brush is really really big, so I'm still a bit clumsy with applying the mascara. I have to have a Q-tip in my other hand to clean up the black smears from under my eyes that appear when the brush touches my skin.  I still feel it's worth it though as I never get any smudging etc during the day - when it's on your lashes it stays on your lashes, until you attack with eye makeup remover.  I really feel like it really makes you look like you're wearing falsies.  

Like I said, it really works.  9.5/10 from me ;) I took off 0.5 because of the big brush)

Thursday, 5 January 2012

TATTOOS: Taste of Ink

I thought I'd do something a bit different today and show you guys my tattoo work - the completed as well as the work-in-progress.  I was going to add in pics of all my tattoos, but I a) didn't want to come across as a poser(!) and b) don't particularly want pics of my stomach and hips etc on the net! Anyway, here goes!

I was obsessed with star tattoos since I was about 13, but obviously was way too young! When I turned 18 and was in "the scene" (cringe!) stars were the big thing, and I hesitated as I didn't want to be that cliché.  However, my love of all things astral won over and for my 20th birthday I got my first taste of ink - stars going down my hip.

There is a moral to this story - don't expect your artist to read your mind!! My friend left me at the studio, taking the picture of how I wanted my first piece with her! So I had to explain how I wanted my tattoo to look to the artist, and didn't end up with it looking how I had intended! HOWEVER, I love it to bits, and don't regret it or resent it or anything! I still love it :)

My mother cried herself to sleep for days after she saw my hip (months after I had it done I should add - I hid it well!) and that put me off having any more work done for a while.  Even though I worked in a body modification studio for a few months I managed to resist the urge for more permanent work done.  I concentrated instead on piercings, and ended up having over 40 done in  just a few years (not all at the same time).  I even had a suspension which was an amazing experience.  

When I got back from travelling round the world aged 21, I was eager for more tattoos.  I went to a convention and got a lucky charms piece done at a convention - very spur of the moment.  It was on my ribs, which is possibly the most painful place ever!!

I fell in love with all things oldschool at that time, and got a beautifully colourful anchor on my other side about a month after my last piece.  

I also got my beloved stars on my neck done a while after that (you can see I really got the bug!), which remains one of my favourite tattoos.  The artist, an old friend, was very reluctant to tattoo my neck as he thought I'd live to regret it (I haven't) and that it would hinder me at job interviews (it hasn't, although I do work in research where anything goes!) but gave in in the end!

I calmed down after this, but knew that my next piece was going to be a sleeve, which I've always loved.  So, after a good few months of deliberating, I decided to go ahead of it.  Rob was totally in tune with what I wanted - a girly and elegant sleeve but still definitely influenced by Japanese styles.  

I started it 3 years ago, and although I didn't know it at the time, it was doomed to go unfinished.  About 6 months in to the work, I moved further north to do my MRes and couldn't really afford either the train fare back to Birmingham every fortnight or the charge for the tattoo either.  I decided I would get it finished after my Masters and when I could afford it .... and then got a job in Edinburgh, 6 hours away from the studio!!! Since then, I've never really found an artist who's work I really liked.  Someone recommended Irezumi in Glasgow to me, and they look awesome and their work looks right up my street! So I hope I will get my sleeve finished soon!

*Rob Colley is the artist who did all my pieces other than the convention one, who was the artist at the studio I worked at, but now has his own shop in Birmingham called Park St Tattoo - check them out cos they're awesome!  

Do I want any more? Always! I really want a new school peacock on my back, lettering on my wrists and something on my feet! 

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

HAIR: Tips on maintaining coloured red hair

When I was younger I always wanted the perfect red hair.  Unfortunately, being young and not knowing much about hair, I would use cheap drugstore dyes and always complain when it faded to that horrible rusty colour.  I have been a redhead since October now, and I have discovered the products and secrets that will maintain the colour and keep it looking vibrant and glossy.

1. Go professional
If ££ aren't a problem, go to a salon.  If money is an issue, either do what I do and be a model for a trainee hairdresser (totally advocate it - they are always supervised and never make a mistake) or risk doing it yourself.  If you do do it yourself, MAKE SURE YOU USE DECENT COLORANTS.  I recommend Wella Koleston Perfect (colour chart is below, not affiliated, just love it!) which gives glossy colour and has a massive range of shades.  This can be bought from Sallys or online.  I use 55/65 and it gives a beautiful violet/red colour that doesn't fade.

2. Stay professional
If you want mediocre hair, use high street/drugstore products.  If you want healthy, shiny, vibrant hair, use high end products.  They are so worth it!!!! For coloured hair, use shampoo&conditioner designed for coloured hair.  I love Tigi S Factor products, but am currently trying out Wella Professionals Brilliance s&c, which you can get in salon or online (I love lookfantastic for buying online - again, not affiliated! - as you get good deals and normally free delivery).  Even though the shampoo isn't sulphate free (shock! horror!) it still makes my hair feel soft and look glossy.  

3. Colour-depositing conditioner 
I don't know of any other red-depositing conditioner that is easily found in the UK other than Aveda Madder Root.  There's a shampoo for it as well, but I just use the conditioner once a week, mixed in with my normal conditioner as it's very very red! It contains red dyes to deposit colour into your hair, ensuring that your colour stays fresh.  It really really works.  The only downside is that the last ingredient is a brown colour, which makes my hair less violet/red and more natural red as time goes on (but I'm talking a couple of months here, by which time my colour needs touching up anyway).  

4. Resist washing every day
Red colour molecules are too big to penetrate the hair shaft like other colours, so the hair can't "hold" onto red like it can with brunette shades.  The more you wash your hair, the quicker it will fade.  Simple.  Dry shampoo is your new friend (but not your BFF as it can dry out your hair if you use it too much!)

5. Make sure you are committed
Even though red can fade faster than other shades, it won't fade completely and will leave you with that horrible rusty colour that will keep coming back (no matter how much you colour over it!).  I know this from experience from when I was younger - I would dye it red, dye it brown, dye it brown, dye it brown, and it would still end up being a horrible faded-red colour.  So make sure that you really want to be a redhead, and want to stay a redhead for a fair amount of time.  I'm the worst for colouring my hair because I get bored easily, but I absolutely love the violet/red colour I am at the moment and am prepared to commit to this colour for a while!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

MEMEME: My blog has had a facelift!!

What do you think of the new layout? Pays to have a web developer boyfriend ahahha

Sunday, 1 January 2012

MEMEME: Good morning 2012

So it's a new year and, while I don't generally believe in the whole "new year, new start" malarkey, I am hoping 2012 will bring power and kindness.   I have to admit that I am glad 2011 is behind us - it's been a tough year!!

While I normally talk about mental health and stuff in my other, personal, blog, I thought it was only right that I should summarise the year in this post, and all the other things that have gone on this year.  

I have bipolar disorder, and haven't been properly ill since, ooh, 2007 or so.  However, with health comes complacency, and I stopped looking after myself the way I should.  I moved up to Scotland November 2010, and my partner wasn't very happy up here - we were living in a horrible flat above druggies in a horrible neighbourhood (don't ever make yourself find a flat in 1 week as it will not end well!!), he was in a deadend job, and on top of that he was mega allergic to our new kitties (which we ended up keeping anyway and as long as I keep on top of the vacuuming, he's now totally fine).  It all turned around for him in September - he's now at a college he loves, with great mates, we live in a beautiful new development now, so technically we lived happily ever after.

Anyway, this ended up in me being mega stressed - I now have "atypical localised rosacea" (whatever that means!!) and discoid ezcema - both stress-related skin conditions.  My hair was falling out to the extent it's gone from thick to mega thin now!! And I never made any time to relax, which meant that I got so so stressed constantly.  I was fine at work, but at home I would just cook, clean, clean, clean and go to sleep.  That was my life. So needless to say, my MH started to suffer.  

Summer 2011 brought a few weeks of depression, which I got over and promised myself I would be more mindful and relax more.  I didn't.  In October 2011 I had a horrible mixed affective episode, which basically meant I had racing suicidal thoughts, was constantly agitated yet so depressed I couldn't do anything. It was hell!!! My psychiatrist and the Intensive Home Treatment Team up here got me seeing a Occupational Therapist, who made me realise my work/play/relaxation balance was totally skewed. So I'm working on that.  I also see a psychologist - getting therapy for the first time in my life believe it or not - who's helping me explore the origins of all my issues.  But that's getting too deep now!!

So 2011 was a pretty tough year, but it has made our relationship stronger.  I also got an amazing job offer in Brisbane, Australia which was literally my dream city for years!!! That again put a lot of stress on me, as I didn't want to move Mike yet again (would have been the third time in as many years) especially as he's happy now.  So it was either my dream everything, or my soulmate.  And being the hopeless romantic I am, I chose love :) so I'm staying here, which I'm actually really happy about - and relieved to be honest! It was pretty scary letting go of my dreams, but time for some new ones ey!

So goodbye 2011.  And hai 2012!  My new year 'resolutions' are to take more time out for myself, and relax more.  Be more patient and kinder to myself again.  And try and get my confidence back, cos I feel like a shell of my old self!! I also want to take more pictures, cos I've barely taken any this year!! And blog more :)

Some pictures of the year:

 My MRes graduation! With my sister
 We had a lovely warm summer up here, here's my geegee friend
 Beautiful Scotland
 Me, my sis and my kittens having a lol
 Beautiful Edinburgh
 Me with my BFF
 My disastrous 'ombre' (aka one inch of dark roots and the rest orange thanks to a moron hairdresser!) 
 Beautiful Scotland again - the Pentland Hills
 The Pentlands again
My babies ;)

Happy new year everybody!!! xxxxx
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