Friday, 26 April 2013

[LIFE] Where have I been?! :o

As you may (or may not!) have noticed, I'm taking a wee blogging break. Nearly 4 months so far in fact!!! I decided to go have a mini hiatus because of how I felt about my blog - I don't take many pictures, and I don't like the pics I do take of myself (although that's probs a self esteem issue more than anything!), and to be quite honest bblogging/fblogging wasn't doing it for me, as I don't appreciate reading a million reviews about the same product! Yawn. In my opinion anyway, I don't mean any offence to those who love reviewing, it just doesn't do much for me!

I miss blogging though! I hope to make a full return before the summer, but currently I'm enjoying a life outside social media, and I'm not quite ready to come back just yet.

All that said, I am back on Instagram!! @sugarandsakura if you are desperately missing me ;) (doubtful).

In general life is pretty shweet ;) going to be buying my own house soon, I'm horse riding pretty much every chance I get, and yoga-ing in the time in between. Phd is going well too, and I have unicorn-vomit hair! What more could a girl need ;)

Love to all my blogger friends, and, like I said, I am on Instagram if you wanna look at pics!!


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