Monday, 16 July 2012

LIFE: Things are looking up :)

I'm never going to write a post entitled "reasons why I'm happy" because karma dealt me a bad hand after my last one! However, this post is as close to that title as it gets :)
I've spent a long time being miserable about my life, but not doing anything to change it.  Like, I don't drink and I can't stay up late thanks to my meds, so the days of me getting shitfaced and dancing all night are long gone unfortunately.  And, because first I was a student, and now Mike is, we're always on one income so we can't afford to do much.  At least, these were the excuses we were making.  When Mike got his internship I went internet-window-shopping crazy, made massive lists of all the clothes/shoes/makeup/interior stuff I wanted, but still wasn't happy!  
This weekend I had one of my meltdowns (I thought these were long gone) about how I don't do anything, never go out, don't have millions of friends like I used to, never do anything.  I complained that when I am 92 and lying in my hospital bed, I will reflect on these years, my 20s, and be sad that they were wasted on doing nothing! I seriously feel like I'm middle aged before my time.  
And so, Mike did his usual motivational-speech time, saying that I should do stuff, I can even go leave the country for a while and think about how I want my life to be, if I want.  That I'm all talk and no action, and I keep coming back to this same breakdown over and over and don't try to fix it.  
So we decided, we are going to do stuff! Neither of us can drink, but that doesn't mean our lives are over!!! We know we're going to leave the UK in the next few years, but that doesn't mean we can't live for the present too! So we thought about all the things we would love to do, and we are going to do them!!! The list so far is:

Snowboard.  Mike loves winter sports, but I always imagined myself on a skiing holiday to be the one chilling in the cabin getting bladdered on mulled wine! But something about snowboarding is starting to call to me, and I think it would be an amazing hobby! Also, it'll give us an excuse to get out in bad weather, and also to go further north to board there!

Roller disco <3 Haha maybe not roller discos, but there's a massive long trail right by my house that I run part of, it's flat and perfect for roller blading when we feel like getting some exercise! Much more fun than running/walking, and even though I haven't put rollerblades on for almost 20 years I'm sure it'll come back to me!

Go a bit crazy and stop compromising.  This is one for me - I feel like I'm torn between "mental Tali" and "grown up Tali".  One wants me to be dressed in spikes and studs and rainbow hair, and be happy and not care what other people say.  The other side tells me that I'm too old for that stuff, to grow up and blend in and just be normal!  So I'm dyeing my hair all the colours of the pastel rainbow next week :p

Join the Hell's Angels.  One for Mike this time - he's been umming and ahhing about getting a motorbike for as long as I've known him.  Today he went into a Harley Davidson shop and the rest, as they say, is history.  His mind is 1000000% made up, and it's just down to working out the logistics of it all now. I'm happy shopping for my leathers and holding tight on the back of a bike thank you! 

I think that sums up all the crazy-but-true ideas we've come up with so far.  I know this post is a bit different to my usual ones, but as always please feel free to give feedback! Do you guys have any cool hobbies or have a crazy side?

Tali xxxx

Sunday, 8 July 2012


Here is my short (*cough*long*cough*) list of things I desperately want at the moment! With A/W looming on the horizon - unless it's already here - I sense an imminent wardrobe rehaul ;)

Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike boots ... I have searched everywhere for cheap-but-don't-look-cheap knock-off versions of these babies.  They don't exist.  It's the originals or nothing as far as I'm concerned! I covet them so!! Even if they'd make me look like a giant (I'm 5'8" but wear heels all the time anyway, Amazon ahoy!) I can't stop dreaming of them!

Vans Sk8-Hi Slim Shoes in Leopard Magenta/Blue Radiance Paws off these bad boys, this is the only UK stockists of them I can find.  I've been wanting some Hi-tops for ages and these fit the bill perfectly! Totes getting these as soon as I possibly can.

Topshop Camo Army Jacket After considering The Ragged Priest's Nato Camo Jacket (mentioned in this post here) I decided that I wanted a stud/spike-free jacket, so that I could pair it up with studded/spiked shorts or skirts or whatever.  Cue this Topshop beauty, total laid back cool with added grit :) Plus, it's actually slightly cheaper than TRP's version! Win :)

Hmm dilemma time..I love love love every one of The Ragged Priests shorts, especially these, these and especially these.  But I also love these Ivory Jar versions (thanks The Style Rawr for introducing me to this awesome brand!).  Decisions, decisions...

These Ivory Jar Meteor Leggings are a must-have.  I love the colours and the tie-dye effect.

Topshop Sleeveless Zip Peplum top Peplum is going to be such a massive shape for the coming A/W,  which is great cos it's massively flattering! This top, at only £18 is such a bargain!

Topshop Cross 2 Finger Ring Cross - tick, rose gold - tick, knuckle ring - tick.  Three trends in one! Sold.

 Hokey, seeing as I've now mentally spent £400 I better stop while I'm ahead.  Pay day, watch out ;)

Tali xxx

Monday, 2 July 2012


I've never done a post on interior design before - to be honest, I've never really had an interest in it until this week! Knowing that I've got some ££ coming up and talking myself out of getting a bigger place, I've instead decided I want to get some really cool and modern things for the apartment.  I've spent a ton of time on shopstyle (the site I probably spend the most time on!) looking at everything from bed linen to salt and pepper shakers.  This is how I discovered the amazing and talented designer Clarissa Hulse, and quite honestly I want my whole flat decked out in bright colours inspired by nature.  Take a look at these:

 Amazingly bright Klimt Patchwork duvet, various sizes
I've actually been thinking about getting a patchwork quilt or throw for a while, but they (a) are really expensive and 
(b) can be quiet grannified! This one is obviously neither - I love the colours and patterns, just WOW!!
 Fern Pink Jacquard Bath Linen, various sizes.  To hell with boring cream towels, these look luxurious and beautiful!
 Grasses turmeric and magenta drum lampshade I wish I wish I wish they did an ceiling light shade of this - my ktichen has yellow walls and bamboo cabinets (less garish, more Jamaican!).  This would go perfectly!
 Patchwork Cushion Fuchsia and Hopsack Another beautiful patchwork piece, I think this would go amazing on a sofa with other, clashing cushions.  The colours and silk/cotton mix make it look like pure luxury!
Harlequin Nettles wallpaper Now I know that wallpapering my (rented) apartment isn't an option, but this would make a beautiful feature wall! Time to beg the landlord...

Klimt Blue duvet cover I can't find this in king size anywhere *sob* but I think this is my favourite out of all the featured items on this blog!
It is so pretty, kind of reminds me of winter but the colours stop it looking cold.  I will find it in king somehow, somewhere! If anybody finds it, let me know!

What do you think of Clarissa Hulse's designs? Are you into interior design, or are you an Ikea kinda gal (like I used to be)?  I want my whole apartment full of bright, clashing colours, but if any of you take the last of any of these, I will cry!

Tali xxx

Sunday, 1 July 2012

MEMEME: Week in Pictures

Not posted for a while - this week has been mega hectic! Took Tuesday off to get a (free!) Toni & Guy trainee haircut! It wasn't what I expected - they were only allowed to create styles from a particular book, so the inspiration pics I took in were a waste of time.  She took more off my length than I had anticipated - I only wanted more layers and my fringe cut back in - and ended up with a complete restyle! So bai pink :(

This is completely shadowed however by the AWESOME NEWS OF THE WEEK!! I don't know if I've ever mentioned this but I'm currently supporting my bf Mike through college and eventually university.  He's doing a Web Development course and is completely owning it! He's had a ton of clients and even got an award from his college! Anyway, there was a (paid) internship going at his college and we found out on Thursday (at 3am haha) that he got it! Woohoo.  So he's going to be getting a ton of experience working part time, while still studying his course, and it takes some of the financial pressure off me! Woop! 

So of course I have spent the last few days researching what I want to buy - I want to get a ton of new stuff for the apartment, for Mike and of course for me ;) hi Wildfox Lennon sweater!! My life has been a bit short on the picture front of late - mostly because I haven't really done anything that exciting recently due to being careful with the funds *yawn*.  Now that we don't have to be so responsible, expect to see a lot more exciting pics! Watch this space ;)

Edinburgh George St, new hair, suit up!, amazing Topshop sweater, celebratory coma-inducing Frankie and Benny's, Yin and Yang kitties
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