Saturday, 3 September 2011

REVIEW: My thoughts on Tigi S Factor Diamond Dreams S&C

Hey guise! Woo it's the weekend, and therefore I have time to post!

I've just come back from the hairdressers (one of my favourite places in the world hehe), and thought it's about time that I should review the shampoo and conditioner that I've been using since March/April.

They are from the S Factor range by TiGi.  I've tried tons of other TiGi s&cs (mostly from the Bedhead range) and was never that impressed! I know a lot of other people rave on about them, but I was never a fan.  Then I discovered Diamond Dreams.  

Marketed as the ultimate luxury in hair care (I mean, c'mon it contains diamond powder, crushed pearls, cashmere and champagne extract after all!), it is supposed to give you "multi-dimensional shimmer, adding depth and richness to your colour, while protecting and conditioning your hair".

I wasn't fooled by that marketing direction - diamond powder? Try carbon particles!


I was interested as it is sulphate free (like a lot of Tigi products) and low on 'cones, other than dimethicone which as far as I'm concerned is one of the less evil silicones out there.  Now, this doesn't make it unique amongst a lot of Tigi products - a lot of them are cone and SLS free.  But a combination of the decent ingredients and the downright crazy ingredients (champagne?!) had me very intrigued.

For the 2 tween sizes (750ml each) it will cost you a lovely £50.  I found them on EBay for £17.99 for the two.  Bargain!!!

Ok enough waffling.  From the first time I tried them I was hooked.  My hair was soft yet felt strong, manageable and the gloss! My god, the gloss was unbelievable.  I normally have quite coarse and dull hair, but thanks to this s&c my hair has been transformed to sleek and shiny.  I have had my hair cut twice since purchasing them in March/April.   But I didn't go to the hairdressers for them to cut off any damage - my hair is permanently split-end-free! I just went for reshaping etc.


A note of warning however, my hairdresser today asked me what s&c I used.  I gave my usual spiel of the awesomeness of Diamond Dreams and how good it's been for my hair .. she cut me off saying "yeah, TiGi products are renowned for causing product buildup, and it's drying out your scalp."

My jaw nearly hit the floor! I had never noticed I had a dry scalp?! So my advice to you guys is this: try it. It is amazing. But make sure you clarify at least once a week (I normally do it 1-2 a month oops).  

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