Saturday, 26 May 2012

MEMEME: 82 day catch up

Me in Espy bar, before hitting the beach (I love this weather! I was wearing bikini top and denim hotpants, on a Scottish beach in June! What the hell.  I'm loving this heatwave <3

Hey ladies! It has been a while for sure.  I cannot BELIEVE I haven't blogged in 82 days!! What started off as a couple weeks of break while I felt a bit uninspired, led into a holiday, which was then followed by Mike imposing a 'social media break' from 1 May for a calendar month (whaddya mean it's not the 1st June yet? Oopsie).  

I don't know how regular my posting will be, but I do know some things for sure, such as the direction I want to take my blog in.  I've never really been one for OOTD posts - I'm not really bothered by them on other blogs, and I always feel a tad uncomfortable and poserish when I get Mike to take blogging pics of me.  AND I NEVER LOOK GOOD WHYYYY.  I love reading (and writing) reviews, and I'm also beginning to realise I love lifestyle blogs, rather than just fashion/bblogging.   I've actually just unfollowed some (very famous) UK bbloggers, purely because I'm fed up of OOTD posts with not much integrity to them.  That coupled with the fact that they just make me want to go out and spend a fortune on MU/clothes/whatever (even though I'm currently supporting Mike through college and therefore don't have a shit ton of money) has left me feeling unsatisfied, both by feeling very consumerist/materialistic "OMG I MUST BUY THIS NOW" and also with my blogging skills or lack thereof.  So yes, back to blogging square 1.  Which is pretty exciting!

I went to Spain.  With my parents.  As much as I was dreading it (I mean, I love them to bits, but 10 days of nothing but your parents for company can seem a little daunting!), it was actually AWESOME.  We all agreed that it was like getting to know each other again, which was really nice! I did a lot of walks with my dad, catching up with my mum and sunbathing to the max :) 

View from the top of a mountain - I love where our Spanish villa is - surrounded by valleys and olive groves :)

Well, it wouldn't be a British blog post this week without mentioning the weather! It's been fantastic!! I just looked at my arms and I think I may be a tad burnt oops! Every break in my labwork as seen me chilling out in the grass by my workplace.  LOVE IT.  I wish it was like this all the time, which I suppose which is why Cali/Australia call to me so much.

Me soaking up some rays when I should be working ;)

I will leave you with this picture of my cat (by the way, don't leave Neurofen tablet strips out overnight, or you WILL end up with hefty vet bills but that's a story for another day!) and also some exciting news - remember my post from 29th January this year (can't believe I've been wanting it for this long)?  Well.. it's happening!! Woohoo



  1. Thankyou for that lovely comment earlier :)

    Your cat is gorgeous! I'm a cat lady myself so I love them all, hope kitteh fees better now!

    J xxxx

    1. Lol yeah kittehs are fine, gone back to their stupid selves now ;) thanks for the comment <3


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