Monday, 14 January 2013

[HAIR] Back to blonde

I mentioned a few posts back that I was hoping to gradually lighten my hair up to an icy white blonde.  Well, I had my first appointment to go blonde on on the last Saturday of 2012! Yes I know this post is a bit late haha - it's been in draft for ages but I haven't had a chance to take some pics :) 

I went to Neil Barton in Edinburgh to get it done.  It was my first time at the salon, but I cannot praise it highly enough! I was in there from 9:45 until after 3pm, but all the staff were so friendly and nice - offering to go out and get me some lunch if I was hungry and always being there if I needed anything.  Even though it is a famous and award-winning salon, there was none of the bitchiness that you can get with some upmarket hairdressers, they were completely honest about how light I would be able to go, and refused to do anything that would damage my hair.  I could go on forever about how lovely everyone was (and I got looked after by 4 hairdressers during my time there!) but you really just have to see for yourself if you are ever in the area.  Also its 20% off for new clients, and the same discount for students.  I got my hair done for £80 which I was so amazed at - I thought it would be well over £100 even with the discount!

First they put a disgusting-smelling colour stripper on my hair, to remove all of the level 4 dark brown dye I had on it.  Then I got a full head of bleach, which lifted my roots up to canary yellow, but the midsection and ends of my hair were orange unfortunately, which meant that they had to darken all of my hair to make it even.  This involved adding a yellow/red pigment on my roots to make them orange so that all of my hair was the same colour.  They then added a level 8 neutral/ash blonde permanent dye (by Goldwell), left that on for a while, washed it out and added a semi-permanent dye to make the level 8 colour last longer, did a deep treatment as my hair was feeling a little frazzled by then, and finally cut it! I don't think I've ever had such a nice cut before - my fringe and the front layers really frame my face, but the stylist kept the length as I'm growing my bob out.  

All of that... for £80! Such a good deal.  I'm definitely going to go back - they advised me to wait 8-10 weeks before I get any other colour done to it, so in March I'll start having icy/ashy highlights to start lightening it up more, and then in a while have a full head of bleach.  I can't wait to have my white blonde hair so I can grunge it up with lots of pastels, but right now I am absolutely loving having lighter hair - it adds so much more colour to my face and makes my complexion look warmer and more radiant.  

My only problem was my sensitive scalp - it's been fine for weeks, but the full head of bleach kind of made it really bad again.  The symptoms only lasted a few days and it's totally fine now.    I'll spare you the gory details too ;)  All the same I'm a bit hesitant to have anything other than foils and vegetable-based dye (Manic Panic etc) in the near future as it was pretty scary!! I wouldn't blame the hairdressers in any way - they checked on my hair and scalp at regular intervals to check for chemical burns etc and took every precaution possible.. it was just my sensitive skin, which is something I should have probably warned them about beforehand!!!

All in all, if you are ever in the Edinburgh area, go to Neil Barton Hairdressing.  It was a fantastic, chilled-out pampering experience and I'll definitely be going back :)

Tali xxx

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  1. I love that colour, so warm, and it's a great cut too!

    J x


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