Sunday, 23 October 2011

HAIR: Redheads do it best....

After a disastrous red hair dyeing incident that did not go well and took months, if not years, to stop rearing it's ugly rust-coloured head, I swore never to even consider going back to red!! That was, until I saw this picture: 

I was HOOKED.  The gorgeous red wine-esque, slightly violet, slightly pink tone was to die for! So I spent a month getting my dark-brunette hair in shape for the plunge (think masques and protein treatments).  

I also opted for this style of cut:

Even though I normally hate bobs! Yes, all change here!

My hair was bleached to an inch of it's life to lift the dark colour I had on there.  It looked amazing bleached though - very autumnal shades of russet, orange and gold.  I almost made the stylist stop right there lol.

So the outcome:

(DISCLAIMER: no pics do it justice!! It is full on magenta/violet and absolutely gorgeous.  Also an inverted bob which this pics don't seem to show!)

<3 <3 <3 <3

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  1. that's a BEAUTIFUL red, i love it!!!! I'd like to go red like in the Daul post I had too because I'm so sick of doing my roots all the time with the blonde.

    Thank you for your comment <3


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