Sunday, 23 October 2011

FASHION: Winter is coming

Yes big love for Game of Thrones :p 

I cannot wait for winter, but that's probably because I've forgotten the craziness of last year's Scottish snow!  I just looove the clothes and fashion of winter.  I always fall for the 'luxe groupie' trend which Topshop and other stores always promote - heart the leather, lace and sequins.  And this winter gets even better, with all the faux fur that's around!!

I found an amazing faux fur and knit snood and headband both from Asos last weekend, and was almost glad of the cold weather yday so I could finally wear them!

I feel like a snow queen!


  1. Oh gosh! I can't wait to write a blog post that starts...Winter is coming! I'm such a GoT freak! I want to get a grey wolf SpiritHood so I can wear it while I read the books/watch the second season ;)

    I loooove faux fur too! The snood is adorablz.

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    T & J

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  2. Hey Rawr girls! Would totally vote for you guys - did you mean your Motilo outfit post? I don't know how to vote though! *cries* thanks though girls for making me get back in touch with my inner vamp/rockerchick - your blog really inspires me to pursue my own individuality in what I wear!



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