Sunday, 4 March 2012

HAIR: Tali and Ombré, finally united!

My hair and I are no strangers to the ombré concept. Nearly 2 years ago I went into a salon, asking for dipdyed ends and darker roots. The hairdresser basically refused, saying it would look like grown-out highlights and she didn't want to do it!!!! Ombré then became more and more popular, every picture taunting me of the hair I wasnt "allowed" to have!

 Just over a year ago I went to another salon (I had moved to Scotland by then) and asked for it again, showing pics of what I had in mind. I walked out with orange hair and one inch of dark roots!! The orange was kinda my fault, as the stylist had warned me that the warm brown I had previously had on my hair would pull warm. However, she pretty much gave me a reverse ombre - I maintain to this day that if she had only bleached the tips I could've pulled off the orangeness!!

 Anyway, I hope the above rumblings gave you some insight to my ombre longings! For the last few months Ive been torn between pastel and ombré.. Or pastel ombré for that matter!! I eventually decided that ombré would be kinder on my hair as I wouldn't constantly have to refresh the colour. And if I do want pastel I'm going to chalk my tips. 

 Now, I'm writing this down for the world to see: 


I always go straight for the dye whenever I feel a little 
with myself and/or my life. I now want to leave my hair and just focus on its health - good products, limited heat styling, lots of biotin - and if I do feel any of the above, I'm going to do something that will actually help my life and not just try to "start afresh".

So, my hair!!

It started off like this:

With maaajor bad roots!!

The hairdresser backcombed my whole head: 
 LOL I looked half vogue, half scary monster

The stylist then coloured my roots/midsection to my natural colour (level 5), and bleached the ends.  The backcombing helped prevent there from being a visible line between light/dark

The finished piece:
Yep the duckface was a freebie haha (sorry I'm a poser)

The ombré won't photograph well on my iPhone grr, and my camera battery is dead.  But take my word for it - caramel dip dye and a warm level 5 for the rest! It's lovely and I feel much more like myself as a brunette again.

And the best part? No more roots, no more fadeage, just my natural hair growing back in, with caramel dipdye for added dimension! Woohoo :)

Let me know what you think!


  1. just had a look at your tweet about lovely Scotland and got such a shock - it was all in French. My God, I thought, I knew she spoke French, but didn't think it was that good. Then I remembered that I had changed my default language to be French so I could do my French homework without Word keep changing the spelling of some of the words! The joke's on me!!! haha

  2. The new hair looks great! Can't deny I was obsessed with your red hair, but hair colors come and go...and come back. :)

    I on the other hand have completely let go of my hair stresses and have embraced the advantages of "ombre" --> Not having to worry about roots! lol

    I totally relate with how you'd change your hair anytime you were bored/insecure/etc, but when my last bleaching incident led to a total scare (bleach burns ow!) the one thing that used to give me serenity became a painful and scary experience so I chopped it all off instead. :P Now I'm just content. I'm not going to cut or dye it again for a while.

    When/if you do get bored, you should try a watered down manic panic pastel dye! It's temporary which is the great part of it.

    Hope all is well!


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