Sunday, 26 February 2012

FASHION: Current lusthaves

Hey! Here's some more stuff on my Shopstyle Favourites list (if you don't have a Shopstyle account already, why not?):

Topshop Unicorn Sweat £36 
I think Mike would seriously disown me if I ever bought this, but it's so damn cute!!

Nike Air Max Excel Mid Ladies (£39.99 at Sports Direct)
Not my usual thing to blog about, but as I do a lot of Zumba, and am about to start Booiaka, I need some trainers that won't embarrass me!!

All Saints Donore Skirt £250
Exquisite lambskin leather with a metallic sheen
Luckily for my bank balance, it's out of stock everywhere

Topshop Plain scoop neck vest in burnt orange £6
Cheap and very cheerful - I've actually never worn anything orange/red, even though it's a colour that's been 'in' for a good few years now!

Superdry Vintage bouquet dress, £44.99
It's just so damn cute! I love the pretty-girl-does-grunge kinda look, and this dress is perfect

Miss Selfridge Aztec print bodycon dress £28
I first noticed this on the Miss Selfridge Look Book a few months ago - it looks super flattering and cute 


  1. I love that sweater too, and I say screw the boys and buy it! The Superdry dress too, I didn't know they did stuff like that at all!

    J x

    1. Yeah, that sweater is my childhood dreams come true!! Re: superdry I know! I didn't know they did that kinda thing either until I found that on Shopstyle and now I need it


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