Tuesday, 27 December 2011

FASHION: Post-Christmas lull

So my in-laws have gone home now and it's just me, Mike and the kitties.  Have I introduced you to my babies by the way? Had them for just over a year now and in that time I have gone from cat-obsessed to full-blown crazy cat lady!!

Here they are when they were wee (yes I am turning Scottish)

And this is them now when they're all grown up!

They are seriously the funniest cats I've ever met, but I'll refrain from babbling on about my babies!

I've also been trawling the sales - only bought one top so far which I can't wait to arrive.  Going through a bit of a glam-grunge period at the moment, kind of All Saints style clothes (not that I can afford many of those though!).

Other things I'm loving in the sales are:

This ladder-knit jumper by Crafted at Republic

This cute leopard print skirt by Rare

I NEED NEED NEED these boots by Crafted at Republic.  Size 8 kthxbai

I've had my eye on this Rare skirt for months, and it's gone into the sale yay! Asymmetric hems are going to be massive for SS12.

This cutesy cropped tee from Topshop is only a tenner!
And last but not least, this Bench skirt (at HoF) which is awesome :)

Don't buy my size in any of these items though please guys or I will cry if it sells out!!! Hehe.  I'm really not feeling SS12 - too much sorbet tones and bright prints for my liking.  Guess I'm going to have to break with the trends....




  2. Hey, thanks! I may have given in and bought the boots oopsie...


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