Saturday, 21 January 2012

REVIEW: Diorshow Mascara - Backstage Makeup

I had pretty much given up on me ever having fluttery lashes without bringing out the falsies.  Mascara has never been my friend - I've tried Badgal, MAC Zoomlash and countless drugstore mascaras, but never ever had any decent eyelashes.

I got a £25 Debenhams gift voucher for Xmas, and decided I was going to get a High End mascara with it, in a desparate last quest for pretty lashes.  I decided on Diorshow Blackout mascara, but the sales assistant gave me Diorshow original by mistake!  I didn't realise I had the wrong one for about a week, but after that time I was so in love with it I didn't care.

(Image courtesy of; Diorshow mascara £22)

This mascara, this little tiny tube, has performed miracles.  It has given eyelashes, making me feel much better about my looks and my makeup.  I will definitely repurchase again and again, purely because it has succeeded in giving me lashes; something I had given up on!!

Want the proof? Left eye (as you look at me) is Maybelline False Lash Effect.  As you can see it gives me pathetic lashes just like every other mascara as ever done.  Right eye is Diorshow mascara, the Miracle Worker ;)

 Excuse the lack of makeup elsewhere! I wanted to give an idea of what the mascara looks alone
 Maybelline False Lash Effect...
  And with my eyes closed.

My opinion? It's love!! And it looks soo much better in person than it does with a camera shoved in my face.. this seems to highlight all the imperfections (and makes my nose look huge, what's with that!!).  My one problem is that the brush is really really big, so I'm still a bit clumsy with applying the mascara. I have to have a Q-tip in my other hand to clean up the black smears from under my eyes that appear when the brush touches my skin.  I still feel it's worth it though as I never get any smudging etc during the day - when it's on your lashes it stays on your lashes, until you attack with eye makeup remover.  I really feel like it really makes you look like you're wearing falsies.  

Like I said, it really works.  9.5/10 from me ;) I took off 0.5 because of the big brush)

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