Sunday, 29 January 2012

HAIR: My little pony

Aaagh! I was so happy with my hair in the colour+style it was - my red bob looked funky enough to satisfy my alternative-ism (new word) yet cute enough to not look too 'out there'.  I am 25 now after all! I shouldn't be dyeing my hair crazy colours anymore! Right? Right?!


I've had my eye on the pastel hue trend for a while now.  But I resisted the temptation, somehow.  I guess I thought maybe I'm *too old* for crazy hair.  Regardless of my motives, I managed to avoid running to the hairdressers with a My Little Pony in hand, shouting "I want its hair!!"

That all changed last night, when I saw this post and I started thinking.  I LOVE all kinds of *crazy* hair.  I used to have blonde, pink and brown hair in my youth (it looked AWESOME).  Then I went turquoise and blue and brown.  Then pink with white highlights.  I loved it! But then the real world hit, and I started having post-uni interviews etc and the cool hair simply had to go.

I contemplated the chalk (pros: looks amazing; cons: washes out straight away and dries your hair out) and dismissed it as it just wouldn't look right in my red hair, and wouldn't last long either.  I started thinking about my crazy dye days.  And started investigating.

And found all these:

(Images found on Google search and/or here)

I, quite simply, fell in love.  

So how am I going to go from being a vibrant-redhead to a pastel princess? It's going to take some time for sure!

1) Lots (but not too many!) protein treatments.  These not only will improve the condition of my hair and decrease porosity, but are also great at lifting dye a bit.  Not so good if you want to keep your dyed hair healthy and coloured, but great if you want to start over.  I love Ion Reconstructor Treatment (you can get sachets at Sally's for about £1!)

2) Keep my tresses healthy and conditioned for the inevitable ...

3) Bleach bath.  I'M GOING TO THE HAIRDRESSERS.  DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS AT HOME!! Unless you like orange hair that falls out and breaks.  I need to speak to my stylist and pray that she thinks this is feasible!!

4) Dye to a light ashy brown base.  Again, I'm doing this at a hairdressers.  Even if you're broke (my purse hasn't recovered from Xmas!) you have no excuse - go to your local stylists and book an appointment with the trainee.

5) Go pastel! I'm thinking pastel streaks a la picture number (1), with the cut in the style of piccie number (4) - choppy and with a full fringe.   And for the pastel colours? Lilac, pale pink and sky blue.  Hell yeah!

I've also found this magical little ingredient -

 (Fudge Paintbox - Whiter Shade of Pale)

This is basically a toner to neutralise golden tones in platinum hair.  It can also, however, be used to make pastel colours out of the normal Fudge Paintbox dyes which are normally mega vibrant.  

What do you guys think? Are you a fan of the pastel trend, and should I really go for this drastic change? I think I've already made up my mind though....!


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