Saturday, 18 February 2012

FASHION: Current lusthaves

It may have snowed (a little) this morning, but I'm completely over winter and thinking about my summer wardrobe.  There's so many things online that I am in love with - too many clothes not enough time..or money!  Anyway , here's a selection of my current favourites:

Topshop "knitted summer pastel jumper", £36
Perfect for spring with its cute pastel colours, but still warm enough to wear when it's a wee bit chilly!

Wildfox Couture "leopard spots slip top" £69
I can really imagine this being thrown over a bikini on the beach, or worn with denim cut-offs.  Ideal for summer!

Really wanting a tan right now, and of course white is the perfect accompaniment to glowy skin!

Topshop Boutique "fluro flower swing slip" £68
Even if 100% silk is dry clean only and therefore completely unpractical, this is absolutely gorgeous don't you think?!

Miss Selfridge "star and stripe denim short" £30
Ah yes, the aforementioned denim cut-offs :)

Is this not THE most beautiful thing you ever set eyes upon? I burn I perish! And there's only one left in stock at HoF............I rest my case.

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  1. The Givenchy powder does look amazing! I went to click the link but it has sold out! I'll need to sort my skin out before I think of buying anymore make up. Keep covering up the blemishes and clogging my skin up, making it worse. Thanks so much for the advice on my blog, I've had a good start with Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser and really keen to try their toner and moisturiser now! x


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