Saturday, 25 February 2012

MEMEME: Right Now

Had a nice week - up and down since my decrease in meds, but been busy which has been good! 

 Currently waiting for: Mike to finish cooking his speciality spaghetti bolognese! So hungry my tummy is rumbling! 

 Reading: Stephen King 11.22.63 - got to the stage now where I can't put it down! 

 Looking forward to: my hair appointment next weekend, getting rid of the red and going a bit caramelly/beachy. Watch this space! 

 Thinking about: my hair now! Haha. Gonna stop messing with it so much - want to stop dyeing it once i go back to an easier-to-maintain colour next week, and let it grow and be more natural. Also going to stop heat styling it so much. This means it's currently very curly!! 

 Today I: went for a nice walk in the Pentland Hills for an hour, and then had a relaxing arvo with aforementioned book :) bit strapped for catch (payday on Tuesday woo!) atm so was good to have a low cost day! Lusting after: these beauties from Republic - dip dye candy jeans at a mere £35. Come in 34" leg too which is perfect for me!
What have you all been up to this week?

1 comment:

  1. I just love the jeans, such a lovely colour.

    I am doing a big jewellery giveaway on my blog, feel free to enter



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