Sunday, 1 July 2012

MEMEME: Week in Pictures

Not posted for a while - this week has been mega hectic! Took Tuesday off to get a (free!) Toni & Guy trainee haircut! It wasn't what I expected - they were only allowed to create styles from a particular book, so the inspiration pics I took in were a waste of time.  She took more off my length than I had anticipated - I only wanted more layers and my fringe cut back in - and ended up with a complete restyle! So bai pink :(

This is completely shadowed however by the AWESOME NEWS OF THE WEEK!! I don't know if I've ever mentioned this but I'm currently supporting my bf Mike through college and eventually university.  He's doing a Web Development course and is completely owning it! He's had a ton of clients and even got an award from his college! Anyway, there was a (paid) internship going at his college and we found out on Thursday (at 3am haha) that he got it! Woohoo.  So he's going to be getting a ton of experience working part time, while still studying his course, and it takes some of the financial pressure off me! Woop! 

So of course I have spent the last few days researching what I want to buy - I want to get a ton of new stuff for the apartment, for Mike and of course for me ;) hi Wildfox Lennon sweater!! My life has been a bit short on the picture front of late - mostly because I haven't really done anything that exciting recently due to being careful with the funds *yawn*.  Now that we don't have to be so responsible, expect to see a lot more exciting pics! Watch this space ;)

Edinburgh George St, new hair, suit up!, amazing Topshop sweater, celebratory coma-inducing Frankie and Benny's, Yin and Yang kitties


  1. Aw that's great news!! :)

    I looove that Topshop jumper, I really want it baaad.

    The Style Rawr!

    1. Thanks Tara <3 yeah the jumper is awesome, it's got an open/slashed back too, amazing! Xxx


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