Sunday, 8 July 2012


Here is my short (*cough*long*cough*) list of things I desperately want at the moment! With A/W looming on the horizon - unless it's already here - I sense an imminent wardrobe rehaul ;)

Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike boots ... I have searched everywhere for cheap-but-don't-look-cheap knock-off versions of these babies.  They don't exist.  It's the originals or nothing as far as I'm concerned! I covet them so!! Even if they'd make me look like a giant (I'm 5'8" but wear heels all the time anyway, Amazon ahoy!) I can't stop dreaming of them!

Vans Sk8-Hi Slim Shoes in Leopard Magenta/Blue Radiance Paws off these bad boys, this is the only UK stockists of them I can find.  I've been wanting some Hi-tops for ages and these fit the bill perfectly! Totes getting these as soon as I possibly can.

Topshop Camo Army Jacket After considering The Ragged Priest's Nato Camo Jacket (mentioned in this post here) I decided that I wanted a stud/spike-free jacket, so that I could pair it up with studded/spiked shorts or skirts or whatever.  Cue this Topshop beauty, total laid back cool with added grit :) Plus, it's actually slightly cheaper than TRP's version! Win :)

Hmm dilemma time..I love love love every one of The Ragged Priests shorts, especially these, these and especially these.  But I also love these Ivory Jar versions (thanks The Style Rawr for introducing me to this awesome brand!).  Decisions, decisions...

These Ivory Jar Meteor Leggings are a must-have.  I love the colours and the tie-dye effect.

Topshop Sleeveless Zip Peplum top Peplum is going to be such a massive shape for the coming A/W,  which is great cos it's massively flattering! This top, at only £18 is such a bargain!

Topshop Cross 2 Finger Ring Cross - tick, rose gold - tick, knuckle ring - tick.  Three trends in one! Sold.

 Hokey, seeing as I've now mentally spent £400 I better stop while I'm ahead.  Pay day, watch out ;)

Tali xxx


  1. They do a very simular version of the jeffery campbell boots on very, they aren't leather though. Thought you might be interested in the link as they are a lot cheaper.


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