Monday, 2 July 2012


I've never done a post on interior design before - to be honest, I've never really had an interest in it until this week! Knowing that I've got some ££ coming up and talking myself out of getting a bigger place, I've instead decided I want to get some really cool and modern things for the apartment.  I've spent a ton of time on shopstyle (the site I probably spend the most time on!) looking at everything from bed linen to salt and pepper shakers.  This is how I discovered the amazing and talented designer Clarissa Hulse, and quite honestly I want my whole flat decked out in bright colours inspired by nature.  Take a look at these:

 Amazingly bright Klimt Patchwork duvet, various sizes
I've actually been thinking about getting a patchwork quilt or throw for a while, but they (a) are really expensive and 
(b) can be quiet grannified! This one is obviously neither - I love the colours and patterns, just WOW!!
 Fern Pink Jacquard Bath Linen, various sizes.  To hell with boring cream towels, these look luxurious and beautiful!
 Grasses turmeric and magenta drum lampshade I wish I wish I wish they did an ceiling light shade of this - my ktichen has yellow walls and bamboo cabinets (less garish, more Jamaican!).  This would go perfectly!
 Patchwork Cushion Fuchsia and Hopsack Another beautiful patchwork piece, I think this would go amazing on a sofa with other, clashing cushions.  The colours and silk/cotton mix make it look like pure luxury!
Harlequin Nettles wallpaper Now I know that wallpapering my (rented) apartment isn't an option, but this would make a beautiful feature wall! Time to beg the landlord...

Klimt Blue duvet cover I can't find this in king size anywhere *sob* but I think this is my favourite out of all the featured items on this blog!
It is so pretty, kind of reminds me of winter but the colours stop it looking cold.  I will find it in king somehow, somewhere! If anybody finds it, let me know!

What do you think of Clarissa Hulse's designs? Are you into interior design, or are you an Ikea kinda gal (like I used to be)?  I want my whole apartment full of bright, clashing colours, but if any of you take the last of any of these, I will cry!

Tali xxx

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