Monday, 25 June 2012

MEMEME: Right now (2)

Lana del Rey - Without You


I'm currently chilling out listening to Lana del Rey (bought the album before my holiday in April, and I'm still listening to it almost daily - shows how amazing it is!).   I can honestly say I haven't tired of any song on the entire album.

I've finally (after years of browsing it) got a Polyvore account! I've only made 2 sets so far but I'm really enjoying it! I did Art for years at school, but seeing as I have a tecchy/sciency career now I feel like I'm losing all my creativity.  I hope this will be a good way to channel my artistic side :) You can see my newest set (inspired by Lana haha) above :)

I'm realising I really need to chill - Mike applied for an amazing internship and we're waiting to hear if he's got an interview.  Only thing is .. I think I'm more nervous about it than he is!  So I really need to take my mind off it, leave it up to fate and stop spending his salary before he even gets accepted..

I am currently mega annoyed at my face - I keep breaking out! I normally have perfect skin (other than my brief rosacea phase as described a few posts ago), but ran out of Liz Earle and had to go back to drugstore products.  I'm using a moisturiser that I quite liked before - Nivea Pure & Natural for sensitive skin - and I don't know if it's a dodgy batch I have but my skin has never broken out this bad *sob*.  

Going to Toni&Guys tomorrow for a cut - after my hair got massively wrecked by hour-long bleach exposure it just doesn't feel the same.  Obviously!  It's getting better, mostly cos I deep condition pretty much every time I wash, but could really do with a trim.  Can't believe the place I went to for my pink colour *forgot* to cut my hair??!! Le sigh.

That's pretty much it for the moment :) what are you all up to today?

Tali xxx

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