Sunday, 5 August 2012

MEMEME: Week in Pictures 3

(OOTD#1, me, stars and faded pink hair, OOTD#2, sunny Scotland, snug Sparrow, sleepy Sparrow, poppy, both cats, Italian cuisine week, foil head, new hair#1, Sparrow losing her bracelet, thigh tattoo ideas, Harley shop, new hair#2, Italian roasted veggies, grotty converse, Sparrow loving her dad, new top)

Hi! I've been AWOL for a while, so this is a massive catch up! Wow. Where to start! I had a week's annual leave where I planned to do sooOOooo much, and ended up having a very relaxed detox week.  This basically entailed daily yoga, jogging round the neighbouring fields (see pics for how gorgeous it is!) and eating a lot more healthily and mindfully.  Had Italian week last week at home, which entailed eating a ton of yummy food. Started back at work last Wednesday, and already I can feel the stress creeping back in :( It's not even my job that's the issue - it's such a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.  Something I need to work on anyway :)

Mike dragged me to the Harley shop, to show me the bike he wants! It was full of bearded men (how stereotypical!) and shiny bikes.  He has his first 'taster' sess a week tomorrow, and is so excited, bless him.  I've banned him from growing a beard though ;)

I realised when uploading all these pics that most of my kitty piccies are of Sparrow, and only one of Seren! This is not favouritism btw!! - just that Sparrow is more social with us, and also does the stupidest things! I'll make it my mission to photograph cutey dragon-nosed Seren more often :)

I've updated my hair (again, I know, I just haven't been happy with it the last few months, and still a bit scared of it now! Someone told me I look very sci-fi, which I suppose sums it up pretty well! I've got a black (ok, a warm level 4 brown, but looks black) and blue bob, with a full fringe.  I've never had such short hair before!! Can't even tie it back! I do love it, though the blue is fading to greeny-grey already, and I've only had it done 5 days!!!!!!!11 I don't even wash it every day!  

I've also decided that I want a new tattoo, on my thigh this time.  I fell in love with the above pic, but obviously want to make it my own and not copy somebody else's.  I'll keep you posted :)

I've started volunteering at a local riding for the disabled charity!! I went in yesterday to help out, and it was mostly feeding and grooming the horses as there weren't any riders that day.  I'm sure I've mentioned here how much I love horses, and to be able to help out a charity at the same time is awesome!

Um other than that, not much else to tell you! Oh I bought myself some new Liz Earle - they have an offer this month for the trio of skincare (Cleanse and Polish, Skin Tonic and Skin Repair), plus a full-size of the Sheer Skin Tint, all for just £41!!  I have tried and loved (and reviewed) these products before, so I was mega excited for the delivery :)

How was your weekend?


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