Saturday, 25 August 2012

MEMEME: Where have I been?

Hey, sorry I've been a bit AWOL the last few weeks! Things have been mega hectic - working ridiculously long days (7:30-5:30 anyone?!), helping out at a local stables on a Saturday and trying to catch up with people in what little spare time I have! Oh and therefore falling asleep in front of the TV at like 8pm a lot of nights too due to the above hecticness! Woohoo party animal :|

However, I have managed to fit in some 'playtime' - me and my two BFFs descended on my sister's new home in York last weekend for some proper girly time and an awesome reunion.  I couldn't remember the last time the four of us were all in the same place at the same time, so it was really good for us all to catch up together.  We explored York and walked a lot, went out Saturday night and did a cheeky bit of shopping too!

L-R BFF#1, my sister, me and BFF#2!
 Me skiving at work (lab timer always at hand though) in the sunshine
 Topshop's amaze-ing A/W collections - I am pretty much lusting after every single one of their products!! Get in my closet now.
 Sneaky Topshop purchase - a necklace I've been eyeing up for ages
Yorkminster - totally awe-inspring :)

So what else is new? As you can probably tell from the first picture, my hair has faded from an awesome blue and chocolate to ... mint and chocolate.  It looks so stupid, and I really wish I had gotten it fixed before my weekend away! I can't be dealing with the crazy upkeep that is bright colours, and I also am sick of having a sleek bob that looks crap unless I straighten it every day! Don't get me wrong, my stylist did a great job but the colour and style are both really high maintenance!!

So.  I have set myself a challenge.  STOP OBSESSING OVER YOUR HAIR! I swear to God, I have gone from being obsessed about skincare (and we all know how that ended *cough*mostsensititiveskinintheworld*cough*) to being obsessed about my hair.  As you can probably tell from this blog, I have changed my hair colour+style approximately once a month since Christmas.  I think it's just cos I look at pics of people on the net and be like "ooh i like their hair.." and try and copy it, especially cos I'm not very happy with myself/the way I look currently.  But at the end of the day, I know what suits me best and that's long and dark choppy hair.  So no more obsessing.  No more changing.  No more dissatisfaction! (Cheesy motivational speech ahoy).  I am setting myself the challenge of growing my hair out, not looking at hair blogs/tumblrs and only getting a TRIM every 3 months.

I'm going to give myself until the date that my job contract ends - November 1st, 2015.  So that's it for the rest of my time in Scotland! No more hair craziness.

Mike and I are planning our next few months - we're thinking of starting snowboarding in the next couple weeks, I want to start having proper riding lessons next month and he is getting into aggressive skating + biking.  Well, you're only young once right?! We're both doing everything we've always wanted to do but always made excuses for why we don't do it.  I just feel like, neither of us drink anymore so we don't go out at night that often, but that doesn't make our lives boring - I think we're more daytime people tbf, so we should do lots of outdoorsy activities.  

Oh, and planning a mahoosive shopping trip end of next month so watch this space ;)

Other than that, not too much is going on.  Cats are still nutters.  I'm addicted to GoT (nearly finished book 3!).  Doing yoga every night - it's really making such a difference to my strength and flexibility! I fully recommend fitsugar for lots of different yoga sequences for every problem.

Have a great weekend people, I'll be snuggled under a blanket watching Jackass and Breaking Bad (I'm such a guy lol).


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