Monday, 31 December 2012

[BEAUTY] Why I failed the no-makeup challenge

A while ago I wrote about cutting down my makeup usage dramatically, in order to improve my complexion. Well, I lasted a grand total of 8 days!! Ahahaha. My plan was to only wear eye makeup, and give my face a break. 8 days was all it took to make me realise a few things:

Makeup is fun!

I sometimes feel like messing around with fashion, beauty and hair is the only creative outlet I have left. Working in science in a very technical role has decreased my artisticness so much in my opinion - I used to love art textiles at school, but I now lack the ability to come up with new ideas.  Makeup etc gives me a chance to play around with different colours and styles, and I love being able to build up from a blank canvas (my face!) and try out different looks.  Wearing mascara and eyeliner only was boring!! I missed contouring and shading and mixing up different colour combos.

Makeup gives me confidence!

I'm sure you don't need me to tell you about the self esteem boost a healthy dose of concealer gives. I was getting weary of everyone telling me how tired I looked by not concealing my dark shadows, and I was very aware of my red unconcealed nose!! Also, sometimes a gal just needs to peacock a bit and wear some vibrant eyeshadow and/or a bright lip.

So yes, I failed, but I have learnt from the experiment - my skin was very clear during the 8 days!! Although I have since only worn makeup on my eyes, cheeks and nose, I have started breaking out quite badly around my mouth?! I'm hoping its just my terrible Xmas diet that has done this!  Anyway, I want to have a few consecutive days a month where I go back to the bare minimum of mascara+eyeliner again, just to give my skin a break.

Tali xxx

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