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HAIR: My hair through the ages

After seeing this tag floating around in the blogsphere, I thought I would add my few cents.  I have changed my hair a LOT over the last 8 years, not always for the better! If you want some comedy at my expense, read on!!

OK, I'm not going to show my hair before I started uni, as it was mousy and frizzy for pretty much the whole time between the age of 15-18!  


When I was in my first year of undergrad, my so-called 'friends' at the time ruined my hair completely! I was a total emo/scene kid back in the day and wanted my (male) friends to dye my hair black, purple and blonde for me.  Basically it turned black and grey/lavender, and not in the cool pastel-grunge kind of way! Unfortunately there is no photographic evidence for this - I dyed my hair back dark the next day but it faded pretty quickly and ended up looking like pic 1 (top left).  Blonde/bronde/mousy/whatever, and with the RIDICULOUS EMO FRINGE that I had for years haha.  
I then dyed it dark red by the look of things (pic 2), and then had dark purple underneath added, along with blonde orange streaks through the top (pic 3).  Whyy!  I alwyas had the same sort of haircut during these years - shoulder length with too many layers which made it look silly in retrospect! Then, thank god, I had it coloured again - this time a nice warm red/brown which looked really good! 
I should mention my BFF is in a lot of these pics -  I'm probably going to accidentally document her hairvolution in this post too (sorry debs)!! In the last pic she accidentally dyed her hair the colour of fire, basically.  I remember wetting myself laughing when I saw her for the first time with FIRE HAIR!!


This was the Australia year, where me and previously-mentioned BFF went to live in Melbourne for a year.  My hair was nice, my dress was beautiful but we lived in a disgusting state - just look at the background in pic 1!!! And that doesn't show the floor haha.  My hair was dark warm brown with a nice side fringe and layers, but it looks really good! I didn't do much with it afterwards - pic 2 is about 6 months later, on Fraser Island if I remember rightly, where its longer (including the fringe, how did I see!) and in its 'natural state'.  I actually love my natural texture - its all wavy and beachy.  
Then I got home, and wanted to have what I called 'sunset hair' (now known as reverse ombre?!) I wanted it blonde fading to mid brown fading to dark brown.  Sunset hair :) Pics 3 and 4 show this - I think it looks pretty cool, although the blonde is a bit brassy for my liking! My hair was nice and long by then too :)


I had probably only had my sunset hair for about a month when I wanted change.  Cue the crazy-hair era.  I went from sunset to pink/blonde/brown.  I loved this hair so much! It was a good length and cut, and the colour was soo cool!! I liked having a full, tri-colour fringe! Unfortunately I got bored of this after about a fortnight (whyyy) and went blue/green/brown instead! This was amazing, and I kept this for just under a month, before going pink all over (no pics unfortunately of this).  I was pink for Christmas 2008, and in the New Year of 2009 went back to a more natural colour - chocolate brown.  What wasn't so natural was the mad hair extensions (more on that in a sec) and of course the fabulous eyelashes :)


Here are the terrible hair extensions! I didn't have them cut in to blend with my layers or anything, and they were pretty crappy quality too.  I remember they kept on dreadlocking themselves on the back of my head!! Eventually I had to throw them out because they literally turned into a birds nest.  I then decided I wanted to be a 'normal' person, and so began my journey to blonde.
First I asked for disconnected layers and to only dye the top section.  My stylist misunderstood (although maybe it was me not knowing what disconnected layers really were!) and so I ended up with basically a little hat-sized blonde section on top, with the rest dark.  I didn't go back to that stylist again!! 
Next, I started getting more and more highlights put through my hair.  Sadly, as good as my blonde may have looked if I was a bit paler, I had just got back from my Spanish house and was mega tan, with blonde hair.  Not a good look for me judging from pic 3 and 4!!!!


I calmed down a little (hair-wise at least) after this.  The world probably sighed with relief when I dyed my hair to a nice light brown.  I love my hair at this time so much, and would love to get it back.  It was so shiny and soft when I dyed over the bleach, and looked so nice.  Unfortunately, when the shine started to fade after a couple weeks, I tried to dye it again to get the shine back?!! Yeah.  That doesn't work. It just felt gross! After this I didn't really dye it for a year.  I remember asking for ombré in summer of 2010, and then hairdresser refusing because it looked too grown-out!! 
Then I moved up to Scotland, and wanted a new change.  My hair was mega long (by my standards!) by then, and I dyed it about a level 3 or 4 brown - really dark, with a heavy side fringe.  
Then in spring 2011, I asked for ombré again, and ended up with orange hair and about an inch of roots!! I didn't go back to that stylist again either ha ha.  No evidence for that either I'm afraid - pics never did the orange justice!!
A few days before my MRes graduation summer 2011, I had it cut and dyed again.  Only the dye job turned it black, and my fringe ended up mega short to boot!! I don't like any of my graduation pics lol, I look awful!!
Anyway, then it grew out, and in autumn of that year I got my red bob.  I loved the colour so much, but I really wish I hadn't cut all of my hair off!! Regretted it ever since.


After my red bob, I started growing my hair again, and got a nice ombré (finally!!) thing going on.  Next,  I had my ends bleached more and a bright neon orange/pink put on the tips. Loved this sooo much.  Only problem was that my ends felt disgustingly dry.  After a few weeks I had my hair cut by a T&G trainee with the intention of dusting the ends only! Unfortunately I could only choose certain styles, and she basically had to cut all the pink off to fit in with her chosen style :( That made me sad.  
Then I had a moments craziness and dyed it dark brown and blue and cut it mega short, and if you've followed my blog since July you'll know how that ended! Basically it faded to mint green after about a week, and I was walking around with the Worst Hair Ever for a few months :( In September or October I had it dyed brown all over, and now I'm just trying to grow it out so I can have long hair again :)

That concludes my hair chronicles!! What do you think? What are your favourite/least favourites out of all my colours? Have you ever had any hair 'mares?!

Tali xxx

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