Sunday, 30 December 2012

[MEMEME] What I Got For Xmas

Ok so I know what I said - that I didn't want to write about my Xmas pressures because I didn't want to sound materialistic or like I was bragging! However I have loved reading everyone else's posts on this subject, plus I want to share what I got - not to show off but because I am so excited about everything!! Please bear in mind that Christmas for me - this year and every year - is about spending time with my loved ones, gifts etc always come second to that :)

I guess my main present was what I'm writing on currently - my beautiful iPad! 

There's a funny story around this - my bf offered to get my one for Xmas to help with my PhD (so I could work from home and not be stuck reading papers on a laptop), but I changed my mind at the last minute as I prioritised a hair appointment!!!! Hahhaha, only me... Anyway, I ended up having major envy of Mike's parents' iPads, and was so gutted I had said no to getting one. So you can imagine the look on my face when I unwrapped it on Xmas morning! Priceless :) I'm so grateful for it and have been tapping away on it ever since.

Mike also got me....

£50 to spend at the MAC counter at Harvey Nicols, which I spent yesterday on this:

A Jamie Oliver 15 minute meal recipe book - I've been loving watching and/or trying out the recipes from the TV show :)

Lemon Bon Bons which I'm 100% hooked on (bai teeth) and the Warhorse DVD

Mike's family very kindly got me a £30 Next voucher, which I may put towards a certain pair of boots I've been eyeing up, and some lovely Avon eyeliners :)

My parents got me...

£50 to put towards a waterproof coat for when I go riding/help out at the stables. I went to Superdry yesterday and made a sneaky purchase:

(Disclaimer: Please ignore the messy background - towels etc!! Need to tidy my apartment stat!)

They also got me an umbrella that changes colour when it rains (how cool is that!!), and lots of choccies cos they know me too well.

My sister got me a lovely top (I'm wearing it in both pictures) and an aromatherapy massage voucher which I can't wait to spend!

My friends got me...

The Naked2 palette, Nails Inc polishes, beautiful candles, a gorgeous asymmetric hem skirt, Sleek eyeshadow palette and some Body Shop goodies

All in all I have been one spoilt girl! I appreciate everything so much, and can't wait to use everything :)

It's my birthday on Wednesday! I know that Mike is getting me riding lessons for a year (eeeeek!) for my present, and I also got my hair done yesterday which was another gift. 

All in all, I am so grateful for everything and for everyone in my life :)

Tali xxx


  1. I love these sort of posts... I'm so nosey. Lucky you getting your iPad... you got some lovely things :D


    1. Haha I'm totally the same, love knowing what everyone else got!! Xxxx

  2. you got some awesome stuff! thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks! Hope Santa was good to you too ;) xxx


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