Monday, 24 December 2012

[LIFE] It's Christmas (eve)

I can't believe that it's Xmas eve already! This year has gone past so quickly, but I have so many great memories from it, and I feel I have learnt a lot over the last twelve months.  I'm sitting here at my in-law's house, watching Xmas movies and full to the brim of After Eights and Quality Streets! 'Tis the season ;)

We made the journey from Scotland yesterday, and arrived in Birmingham at about midday - pretty good going if you ask me! I'm spending up until about 11 o'clock on Christmas morning at Mike's folks before I go over and spend some quality time with my immediate family on Christmas day and Boxing Day.  It's been years since the four of us (me, my parents and my sister) have had a proper family Christmas as I've spent the last two in Scotland! So I'm really looking forward to it :) we don't get to spend time as a family very often, so it's going to be amazing.  

It is a bit of a strange time, as my grandpa is now in a hospice due to late-stage prostate cancer.  His wife, my nan, has been visiting him and worrying about him non-stop - but it seems that she hasn't looked after herself adequately and was admitted to hospital yesterday with severe pneumonia and pleurisy! I'm very close to them, and to see them both in care is heartbreaking, but it's SO sweet to see them both saying "I'm fine, I'm fine but how is he/she (delete as appropriate)??".  They've been together since they were 17, and don't want to live without the other.  

We have 2 massive knee-height bags full of presents at my in-law's!!!! I'm so excited and really hope that everybody likes what I got for them.  I can't wait to see what Mike got for me, as he always gets the most amazing presents ever, but swears that I will LOVE the gifts he has got for me more than anything ever before! Eeeeeeeep!

I have come a long way this year - I haven't had a mood episode for over a year now, and thanks to therapy I feel as though I know myself a lot better.  I'm truly excited for what 2013 has to bring! For me its going to be the Year of Fitness - I want to look after my body a lot more, and I'm going to take full advantage of the gym at my work (I didn't know it existed until a fortnight ago!) - especially now that I can go for free as a student! I can't wait to start my PhD in January! I'm getting the standard PhD jitters, but I know its going to be AWESOME.  I'll do a more indepth post reviewing 2012 and documenting my hopes for 2013 before NYE, but for now I'll leave you with best wishes for Christmas and the new year period!

What are your plans over the festive season?

Tali xxx

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