Monday, 3 December 2012

[LIFE] Fitness and wellbeing

I'm on a bit of a health kick at the moment - or at least I would be if I wasn't still ill! That's right folks, I have been off work for a week now, and I'm still feeling crappy! Stupid flu.... Anyway, I am tired of doing no exercise and eating without thought.  I don't like the way I look and feel at the moment, and I really want to change that.

I miss running so much!! I stopped because of a knee complaint, and don't really want to go back to it at the moment with all the snow (snow!) and ice, and I don't relish the idea of running in the dark either! H8chu winter!

I also really miss zumba, but due to work and buses, I can't make it to my old zumba class in the next village.   And I would love to go to more yoga classes, but I would have to mission it into Edinburgh to go to anything decent.

So what's a girl to do?! Visit Yoga Download of course! I only discovered this at the weekend, but I've already been trying out a few podcasts and planning on what membership I'm going to get.  Yes girls, it's that good!! I'm in no way affiliated FYI - I just love the fact that you can download/stream classes to your PC/iPhone/etc and get on your yoga mat in the comfort of your own home.  I haven't got lost or confused with the audio instructions yet either - they are all really simple but extremely effective.  There are tons of free classes as well which is what I'm working my way through at the moment.

I'm also planning on horseriding once or twice a month as of 2013, which really excites me - its something I've always wanted to perfect, and it's a great way to stay in shape too.

Regarding my eating habits, I want to start really REALLY tuning in and challenging my gremlin (confused? visit Beyond Chocolate) rather than just mindlessly saying "ok I'll eat the entire box of Quality Streets then".  I've found some new recipes thanks to the culinary god Jamie Oliver's 15 Minute Meals which I'm very excited to try out - although I love cooking and generally cook healthy meals (except for the bangers and mash in this week's shopping list oops!), I get very bored cooking the same thing twice. I always find it difficult finding recipes that are practical (i.e. don't take 5 hours to cook) and interesting, but I really think Jamie has hit it on the head with this 15 Minute Meals! Can't wait to try the Thai Chicken Laksa, the Pork Marsala Porcini Rice and Spring Greens, and the Lamb Kofte, Pitta and Greek salad. Nom! I'll post pictures on my instagram (follow me! Sugarandsakura) of the results :)

Sorry this post has been such a wall of text and probably a boring one at that! The furthest I've been from the house over the last week is the binshed haha, and I'm sure you don't want pics of my flu-ed up face!! I promise I'll post exciting things soon :)

Tali xxx


  1. Jamies 15 min meals are such a go send! xx

    1. They sound amazing anyway!! Can't wait to cook my first one tonight :) xxx


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