Sunday, 24 June 2012

FASHION: My love affair with rose gold

If you had asked me a couple years ago, hell, even a couple of months ago, I would have said that white gold is the only kind of gold I would ever wear.  But then I saw all the beautiful rose gold pieces coming out now, and  I completely changed my mind...

New Look Rose Skull Stud Earrings, a bargain at £2.99

Tali xxx


  1. Ooooh I do love those NL studs, what a bargain!

  2. I know right! I'm gonna buy them and pretend they're A McQ ;)

  3. Wow! That Alexander McQueen ring is just amazing! I love it :)

    1. Yeah it's gorgeous huh :) I've made it my aim to own at least one of his pieces in the next 5 years ;) xxx


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