Friday, 15 June 2012


TGIF ;) To celebrate the start of the weekend, I'm going to share my five favourite pieces from an online UK store - Spoiled Brat.  

I can't believe I never stumbled upon this site before! It was only when I was desperately searching for Runway Dreamz UK stockists that I came across Spoiled Brat (don't get your hopes up ladies, RD is all sold out).  They stock some cult favourites and snap celebrities wearing the items just so you know you're at the right place!  I absolutely love every single thing they sell, so it was pretty tricky to cut it down to just five items.  However, these five pieces will be top of my Christmas/birthday/justbecause lists.  

Left to right:

Jeffrey Campbell See-Stars Shoe in black: Spoiled Brat also stock the most coveted Lita boots, but I thought I would show another JC boot.  How amazing are these! I am a total sucker for stars.  And speaking of stars, these boots have been seen on Selena Gomez and Ashley Tisdale! What more could you ask for in a shoe? (Except for the pricetag, £220... sob.)

Fallen Star Military Star Zipper Hoodie: Maybe it's just me having stars on the brain, but this hoodie looks so comfy as well as on-trend with the nod to the military style.  Worn by Una Healy, this hoodie is a steal at just £31.49 in the sale.  

Sauce Cosmic Print Maxi Zipper Skirt: Worn by Vanessa Hudgens, who has it spot on with teaming this up with a black vest top and an oversized necklace.  I love all the galaxy prints going round at the moment and this skirt is no exception.  It currently retails at Spoiled Brat for £74.99

The Ragged Priest Loveheart Denim Shirt - Even though my boyfriend thinks this is a reject from the 80s, I absolutely love this shirt!! Full on head over heels love.  I love the colours and the tie-dye/ombre effect, I love the oversized-ness of it and I love the sleeves! Can I haz please? It's only £40 which I think is a bargain.  This is my favourite of the 5 pieces from today's Friday's Favourites.

Spoiled Brat Butterfly Tunic Dress - I apologise for the tiny size of this picture, but Spoiled Brat don't seem to allow any picture-stealing (even if it is for glowing reviews like this post is!).  It is, for those of you who can't see, an oversized tunic with an equally oversized butterfly and a gorgeous waterfall hem.  Lamest description ever, so click on the link to get a better idea haha. £30.

I'm now off to hide my debit card somewhere I will never find it again.. its for the good of my bank balance right? Hmm....

Tali xxx  

Disclaimer: pics are all sourced from the above links. 


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    1. Wow that's praise indeed! I hadn't realised that you're based in Glasgow - im in midlothian and I think my bank balance is scared now...definitely going to pay your store a visit!! Thanks again guys :) xxxx


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