Friday, 22 June 2012


Happy Friday ;) Now that Topshop have announced that they are now selling The Ragged Priest items on, I thought it would be a good time to announce to the world how much I love this brand!  I currently have been drooling over the range on (haven't heard of Ad Hoc London? where have you been?) and plan on adding to my wardrobe pretty soon!

Here's the five pieces I've got my eye on by TRP:

Bottom left to right:

Bubblegum Shorts, £40 at Topshop: I have a total love-love affair with denim cut-offs at the moment.  The more colourful and studded the better quite frankly, and I love these ones in particular for the tie-dye/mottled effect.

Stud Pink Shorts, £65 from Ad Hoc London: Like I said, as long as they're crazy coloured and studded I need them in my life! These shorts are more expensive than the Bubblegum ones, presumably because of the crazy number of spiked studs! There's one word only for these: fierce.  And I love fierce...

Screwball Denim Shirt, £38 from The Ragged Priest site: I think I could write a eulogy dedicated to this beauty.  I think this is my favourite of the 5 pieces I'm 'showcasing' today - I love the ombre/dip dye colour effect, the embellished colour, the length and shape of the shirt.  It is stunning, and I predict a sneaky payday purchase on Thursday (I have said that about a lot of things recently, I think I'm going to spend my whole paycheck by this time next week!).  It's love <3

Albino Cropped Sweat, £45 from Topshop: The shoulders turn this would-be normal jumper into a badass wardrobe must-have.  The spiked denim applique is quite frankly awesome.  It would look awesome with some denim cut-offs, particularly some TRP ones ;)

Nato Camo Jacket, £55 from Ad Hoc London: I fracking love the whole grunge-military trend round at the moment.  This jacket totally reminds me of something that Charlotte Free (<3) would wear, is that just me? I don't own any camo clothing, this jacket is making me realise I need to change this, asap.  The stud detailing is amazing too.  This is my 2nd favourite item from today's FF.  

I absolutely love TRP clothing - it's so edgy and you can tell they really do pay attention to detail.  From the brand's perspective I am massively happy that they are making it big etc.  From a personal point of view, however, I'm kinda sad that us TRP fans are going to have to share our secret with the world...

Payday cannot come soon enough.....

Tali xxx

Disclaimer; all pictures are from adhoclondon, theraggedpriest and topshop websites.  Go check them out.  Now!

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