Thursday, 7 June 2012

HAIR: Tali meets My Little Pony

Hey everyone! I'm chilling out on the sofa with Mike after watching the lamest movie ever (Bad Teacher - Marshall from How I Met Your Mother was the only thing holding it together!).  

Anyway, as I hinted (ok, gave it away) the other day, I finally decided that 25 is NOT too old to go back to my pink hair! I can't get away with being awesomely cool (ha) forever so I may as well suck it up while I can.  When I was 21 I had pink and blonde and black hair...yes I was a skanky scene kid to the max...and it was awesome! That coupled with the whole pastel hair trend that I have been quite frankly OBSESSED with since winter, meant that I had to do this.

My inspiration:

 So. I booked an appointment at my local hair and beauty college as they needed models.   As cheapskate as this sounds, I can't remember the last time I paid full price for my hair!! I always go to trainee stylists because they do an amazing job and are supervised every step of the way.  This time was slightly the exception - the student went on a break for an hour (the horror!), leaving bleach on my hair, while I was panicking and thinking "my hair my hair!!".  It's a tiny bit damaged, but definitely salvageable!!

Anyway, onto the point of this post!

So. First came the aforementioned bleach:

I already had subtle ombré - caramel dip dye that meant that the colour lifted pretty speedily.  So by the time an hour was over it was mega light!
Then they applied the pink dye.  It was a mixture of different Goldwell quasi colours.  I am really impressed - I always thought it was alternative brands like La Riche Directions, Fudge Paintbox and Manic Panic that were the only manufacturers of crazy colours, but Goldwell have really produced some fantastic colours.  Even better, even after shampooing my hair this morning, I didn't get a bright pink blood bath in the shower - I think this colour is going to last a good long time.

Excuse the crazy one-eye iPhone shot!!  The stylist left this on for ~30mins, and when it washed off.. wow!! Check out the finished product ;)

I love it so much! Let me know what you all think :) Are you a fan of 'crazy colours' or do you prefer natural shades only?

Tali xxxx


  1. i LOVE LOVE LOVE the tips! I'm so sick of my hair these days, I don't even want to take pictures. ughhh

    My ombre is growing out a lot and I'm thinking of dyeing my hair one color so before I do, I might just dye the lighter part all navy blue...or a purplish blue. Hmmmmm

    We'll see!

    Everything is good here, just working and such. You!?

    1. Thanks! :) you should totally colour in your ends!!!! Navy blue or something would look badass :) yeah I'm the same tbf, work work work blah blah blah! Take care xxxx

  2. I always loved that hair picture, great inspiration you did a fantastic job. Your hair looks beautiful!

    1. Aw thanks hun :) :) that's very nice of you. Totally faded now so I'm planning my next dye job ;) xxx


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