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REVIEW: How Liz Earle saved my skin..

Liz Earle is a UK based company which makes naturally active products for face, body and hair.  I first heard of it when my mother went through a QVC phase going on for about 10 years ago!  As an unenthusiastic 15 year old without problem skin (those were the days!!) I never really 'got into' it, but my mum and my sister both absolutely loved it.  

Flash forward a decade and enter my annoyingly sensitive skin era, where using anything new can result in a flare up of Type IV Rosacea, rashes and anything else my skin decides to throw at me.  I have to be so careful about what I put in my skin, so when my mother gave me the biggest Liz Earle goody bag for Christmas I was a little wary.  At the time I was using the most basic (in way of ingredients) drugstore products I could find, and while they were working ok-ish for me, my skin had definitely been better.  So I gave it a go.

(left to right; Cleanse and Polish, Skin Tonic and Skin Repair Moisturiser)

Cleanse and Polish (£14.25 for 100ml and a muslin cloth)

These days, Cleanse and Polish is a total cult bestseller which has won multiple awards.   The rich cream-based cleaner is applied to skin, and then removed with a pure muslin cloth which gently exfoliates away dead skin and impurities.  I personally don't use the muslin cloth because my sensitive skin can't take it, but I do love the creamy cleanser and simply remove it with a cotton wool pad.  I find the cleanser really gently cleans my skin, and leaves it clear without stripping it and making it feel dry.

Skin Tonic (£12.50 for 200ml)

This is an amazing smelling toner which is designed to remove any remaining cleanser and impurities from skin.  Honestly? I LOVE the smell, but don't really feel it adds or enhances my skin care routine.  However, I do use it twice daily, but that's mostly because it's there! I don't really feel it makes much difference, but it smells heavenly!!

Skin Repair Moisturiser (£18.75 for 50ml)

Skin repair comes in three different varieties - oily/combination, combination/normal and dry/sensitive.  I obviously use the latter because of my crazily fussy and dehydrated skin!  I love this moisturiser.  It really soothes my skin, getting rid of any redness and irritation, and it moisturises without being heavy.  Although some might see it as being quite pricey, I find it lasts at least three months at twice-daily usage, so I see it as a good investment ;)

I'm now going to review the most recent Liz Earle product I have tried - their foundation!

Sheer Skin Tint Spf15

Sheer Skin Tint Spf15; £21

My normal foundation is Lancome Teint Miracle - I like dewy finishes and light-medium coverage.  While it is a nice foundation, I find that it (a) doesn't seem to last all day on my face and (b) irritates my skin big time!  I had got a little mini rosacea outbreak from using Teint Miracle, so decided to ask for some free samples from Liz Earle customer service (who are the nicest people in the world. Fact.).  received, very quickly, the Skin Tint in the three different shades that were available at the time - Bare, Beige and Beach (they now have released a darker shade called Deep Bisque).  

Beige suited my NC20 skin flawlessly, giving a good amount of coverage for such a light foundation! It is more of a tinted moisturiser than a foundation, at least on first application, but the coverage is definitely buildable.  I have broken capillaries on my nose, and this covered them perfectly.  If I do break out, I use concealer on the affected areas in addition to Skin Tint, but that's normal for most foundations to be honest.   My dark circles were masked, and my skin looked glowy and fresh.  More than this, it lasted from ~8am to ~9pm when I take my makeup off! I find that very impressive considering I don't use finishing powders most of the time.

More than THAT, however .. I put this foundation on my rosacea-affected areas (how else would I know if it aggravated my sensitive skin?!).  By the time the evening came around and I removed my makeup. ..

Now, disclaimer time, I can't promise that this will have the same effect on everyone - it is always a good idea to patch test a foundation if you have sensitive or acne prone skin.  However, for me this foundation really soothes my skin, calms down any redness and gives light moisturisation.  Plus is a badass foundation!

Win win :)

All these products, and much more, can be purchased on .

I <3

Tali xxx 

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