Monday, 11 June 2012

LIFE: 5 reasons why I'm happy today

(1) I live in a beautiful part of the world.  Although Scotland may not be known for its sunshine and beaches, it is stunning in its own way.  I've never lived in the countryside before, and it really is a joy to leave the house every morning and see lush fields, horses and pheasants just a minute away from my home.

(2) I went running on Sunday!!!111 After years of deciding I just wasn't a runner (disastrous jog which resulted me collapsing in the shower and ensuing shin splints), I put my excuses behind me and my trainers on my feet.  Other than a group of chavs saying something at me (my music was too loud to hear!) it was totally uneventful and completely satisfying.  I make all these plans to try booiaka, hot yoga etc etc, the facts are classes are expensive and there is nothing like that in my town so I would have to get at least two buses.  Running is local (or distant, whatever you like!) and free!  I downloaded the iPhone app '5k runner' and totally recommend it for a 'couch to 5k' style program.

(3) My life is pretty damn sweet.  Ok I don't have all the material possessions I want, live somewhere wear the average temperatures are comparable with a greenhouse or have a hectic social life.  But I have an amazing and supportive fiancĂ©, two beautiful (and idiotic) cats who are a constant source of amusement, great friends who have stuck by my side (and I theirs) for years, a beautiful apartment, clothes on my back, makeup on my face, pink dye in my hair and quite frankly, all I could really ask for!

(4) My job is the best.  I know, that's a lame reason to be happy, but I wear what I want, work the hours I want, do the things I want, and still get paid! Ok so today I spent an hour demoulding an old freezer (it's a glamorous life being a geneticist, honest), but on Friday I was knackered, emailed my boss to ask if I could take the day off as annual leave, and he said "don't bother taking it as annual leave, see you next week!".  Does a job get better than that?! It is good to remember this point, because just a few months ago I was debating whether to make the move over to Australia because of a job offer! I'm glad I decided to stay.

(5) Following this post from Sometimes Sweet, I got all motivated to reserve some books at the local library.  I used to be the biggest bookworm ever, but over the years have lost the motivation and commitment to start a book.  I know right, that is totally irrational! So I'm hoping that these books will get me back into being a literary goddess. Or something...

Tali xxx

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